Elisabeth Ernst (ISBN 9783981770124) June 2017 Dear Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, Surprisingly today, the postman gave me a package, which almost blew me away because it had almost 7 1/2 kg. The package contained the print-fresh books of the new jubilee volume "Who's Who in Visual Art." When I opend the package it really blew me away for a second time. The book is so wonderful!!! I am impressed by its beauty, the graphic design and the selection of artists. And I was touched by the author's foreword, Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, of which (unfortunately) every thought corresponds to the truth. I should also mention that due to the publication of my artist profile in the 2015 edition of Art Compass, I got an exhibition in a Vienna gallery, which will take place in 2019. Thank you for this beautiful book! Elisabeth ERNST Monika Bendner (ISBN 9783981770124) June 2016 Dear Mr Himmelblau, After I had received the copies of the new edition of Who's Who in Visual Art yesterday, I got goose bumps when I held the book in my hands. I just must say, that I never before saw anything more beautiful in other book publications!!! Dear Mr. Himmelblau, it is obvious that you are an artist yourself. Thanks again, Monika Bendner Jorge Garcia y Mas (ISBN 9783981347470) 17 July, 2015 Dear Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, we are entirely carried away by your absolutely convincing publication, the quality of the print and layout have come off beautifully, the unconventional dimension contrasts pleasantly with the standard average. Definitely, the “50 Masters of Realistic Imagery” will occupy a noteworthy place in our private collection. We thank you very much, indeed!!!         Laara WilliamSen  (ISBN 9783981347494) June 2016 Dear Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, ... The history, depth of craftsmanship and prestige of Himmelblau publishing speaks of your long time commitment to both fine art and artists. I will definitely consider my next calendar to be published by Himmelblau. I wish you much continued success in all you do. Sincerely Laara WilliamSen Julia Teti (ISBN 9783981347494) May 2016 Good morning dear Ulrich, Thank you very much for the beautiful copy of the book ART COMPASS! I am very glad that included in your first edition of ART COMPASS where artists from around the world present a high artistic skill and diversity of artistic views. This is a wonderful edition! Thank you very much to you and your entire team for the excellent work, for excellent quality and noble concept of the edition! And I'm sure that this excellent book will be a favorite in the collection professionals. and of course, I'll be glad to work with you again. Thank you again! Wish you all the best! Bien cordialement, Julia Teti (Julia F. Pavlovskaya)
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