Who's Who in Visual Art . Artist Catalogue / Monograph                © 2004 - 2019  BY ART DOMAIN GROUP - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Hardback Pages        48                                                  60                                                     72 Print run    150**  300     500    1000        150     300     500      1000          150     300     500     1000 Costs*       4550    4750   4950   5650        4750    4950   5250     5750         4950   5200    5400    6050 Paperback Pages        48                                                  60                                                     72 Print run    150**   300     500   1000        150     300     500      1000          150      300     500    1000 Costs*       4350     4550   4750   5450       4450   4850    5150    5550          4800    4950    5200   5850 With our publication series Artist Catalogues/Monographs we would like to pass on all publisher benefits and opportunities, our experience and our know-how in the preparation, production and sales of a publication to the individual artist. With Artist Catalogues/Monographs we offer artists the opportunity to immortalise and present themselves in a publication that exclusively focuses on their own work. Professional quality, low costs and the prestige attached to our name – important aspects that simply cannot be achieved with self-publishing – are thus guaranteed. To ensure highest quality texts, all editions undergo rigorous proofreading. Specialist translators assist us in the production of our bilingual editions. What are the contents of my catalogue? Texts: foreword, statement, quotation by art critic (optional), artistic career in text form (provides information about art education, art awards/other honours, important collections, important exhibitions, publications) Images: artist portrait, studio interior (optional), signature, c. 30, 50 or 60 reproductions of artist's works, in part double sided, and details of artist's works (optional) Insight Working Draw: Top: cover, inside title page, imprint, foreword, artist statement, artist biography Bottom: price category, website, signature, reproductions of artist's works, also double sided and details. Technical data Language: English and/or German. Format: 19 x 21 cm. Binding: hardback or paperback with partial UV coating. Length contents: 48, 60 or 72 pages. Paper: art paper, matt, 150g/qm. Print run: 150, 300, 500, 1000 (and others upon request) ISBN & sales All editions are listed via ISBN in the Index of Available Books and are thus automatically available via the book trade in the German- speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), including the large book trade platforms such as Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk  (optional). The entire print run is made available to the respective artist. Part of the print run may also remain with the publisher (upon agreement) and be sold via Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk. Costs As a publisher with long-standing collaborations we are able to offer best conditions for print preparation, printing, binding, etc. 30% of these costs will be taken over by the publisher itself. The production costs of your artist catalogue are thus less than 50% of what you would have to budget for elsewhere. *   All Prices excl. VAT ** For countries outside the EU we are able to accept an order only for small print runs due to the terms of shipping. Process In order to produce your catalogue/your monograph, you need to have a track record of some sort as an artist. Please forward your request for inclusion of your catalogue in our programme via this email form. The publisher reserves the right to decide whether or not your catalogue will be produced as part of our Artist Catalogues/Monographs series. We will notify you of our decision instantly. If we agree to produce your catalogue, we will provide you with information about the required texts, your biographical and other relevant data, and the required ready-to-print image files. During the production of the contents we will keep in constant contact with you, giving you the opportunity to review all steps of the progress. The publisher will prepare the translation into English. We begin production upon payment of a first instalment of 60% of the total costs. Once you have approved the ready-to-print PDF (giving you the chance to review your catalogue already on a computer screen) and given us your permission to print, the final instalment of 40% is payable. Once we have received the final instalment, we begin production, so that you can hold the book in your hands c. 21 days after the production start. If all runs smoothly, you will receive your book c. 2 months after your first request.  Which data do we need? --an artistic CV (c. 2000 words) including the most important facts such as places of art education and degrees and the like, art awards/other honours received, important collections that exhibit your work, important exhibitions, publications about you/your work (if applicable) --one or several quotations from critics/others about your art (if available) --information about your price category --your website address --image files of your artist signature (optional) --image files of your work incl. details (optional) Application form https://form.jotform.com/82571996557980